Commitment Curve

Contributors on the A-Team, whether paid or volunteer, follow a participation and responsibility trajectory, or commitment curve, described by the stages below. Each stage, with the exception of Explorer, is associated with a related badge which can be earned by performing all of the tasks listed for each stage.


You’re just beginning to investigate participation on the A-Team.


  • Find bugs to work on
  • Setup IRC, bugzilla, hg/git, environment


You’re beginning to contribute to the A-Team by getting involved with a project, working with some Mozillians, and resolving some bugs.


  • Work with 2+ mozillians
  • Resolve 3+ good first bugs
  • Resolve at least 1 mentored bug which isn’t a good first bug
  • Get involved in a project

Core Contributor

You’ve reached the point where you’re a solid and consistent contributor to the A-Team. You regularly participate in team meetings; file, review, and resolve bugs; and expand the number of Mozillians you work with.


  • Create a Mozillians profile
  • Resolve 5+ bugs
  • Participate in meetings
  • File new bugs, review code
  • Work with 5+ mozillians


You’re taking on additional ownership and responsibility within the team. You’re not just fixing bugs, you’re helping to direct new contributors and assist with decision-making on projects.


  • Establish commit access
  • Split a project into features/bugs
  • Propose new features on projects
  • Initiate discussions / meetings
  • Mentor new contributors

Project Lead

You’re a key member of the team, and directly lead one or more projects. You design solutions to problems, accept responsibility for team deliverables, and help other people progress up through the commitment curve.


  • Mentor 2+ contributors to be Core Contributors
  • Develop and maintain a project
  • Participate in all areas of the ateam
  • Solve problems by reusing existing projects