Finding a Project

Before you can contribute to Mozilla, you need to find a project that you’re interested in contributing to. We currently maintain a list of projects on our team’s wiki.

Getting set up

Once you’ve identified the project you want to work on, you should set up a development instance of it locally. All projects have (or should have) a README file in their source tree that either describes this process or links to documentation that does.

Find a mentor

You may also find it useful to find someone who is working on or responsible for the project you want to contribute to and asking if they can help you find a task to work on and answer any other questions you have. Generally speaking, the project page should have this information. If it doesn’t, try looking through the commit log of the source code to see who has been writing code for the project recently.

How to contribute

Once you’re set up to work on a project, you’ll have to find a task to work on and get coding! Each project should have some information on where their tasks are tracked, generally on Bugzilla.